For Pet Owners

Prices for other services requested are to be negotiated with your pet care provider before the pet sit begins.  (i.e. transporting pet to groomer, veterinarian, etc)

All pet sits over 10 visits requires partial payment in advance.  Payment in full is due within 10 days of your return date. This date will be written at the bottom of your invoice. Payments not received by the 10th day will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.

Arrangements to pay for the pet sit in payments must be made in advance of the pet sit date with Precious Paws Pet Sitting.

Basic Visit (30 to 45 minutes) $18 (slightly higher outside metro area)
Basic Holiday Visit (Time and a Half) $27 (slightly higher outside metro area)
Stay in the Home (Overnight) $50.00 per night (covers bedtime and morning visit) *Limited availability*
Outdoor Garden Watering $1.50 and up depending on size of garden
Per Mile For Errands $ .75
Pet Taxi $20

Pet Sit Checklist

ALWAYS confirm your pet sit dates with your pet sitter prior to your departure date. If at all possible speak directly to your pet sitter. If you send an e-mail or leave a voice message ALWAYS be sure you get a reply from the sitter. If you have not received a confirmation reply from the pet sitter before you leave call them again and ask that they return your call. You may also call Precious Paws Pet Sitting Voice Mail and leave a message: 945-2686 or call Luci McDowell at 250-9001.

Things we need to know before you leave town:

  1. Departure date and approximate time. Return date and approximate time.
  2. A phone number where we can reach you.
  3. Updates on all pets: changes in diets, feeding amounts or routines, medications with dosage and times given, a new pet, a pet that has passed away, treat restrictions, etc.
  4. Are you giving the medication on the day of departure or the first feeding?
  5. Will the pets be in the house or out in the yard?
  6. Did you change locks, the alarm company or code, the password, the garage door code?
  7. Did you change veterinarian?
  8. Does anyone else have access to the house?

Things you should do before you leave:

  1. Notify the alarm company of the dates we will have access to your home.
  2. Notify your veterinarian of the dates we will be caring for your pets. Make arrangements at this time to pay for any services that may be required.
  3. Have ample supplies for pet care – food, treats, litter, etc.
  4. Have ample cleaning supplies available.
  5. Notify your neighbors and the neighborhood watch group that we will be caring for your pets, give them our phone number.
  6. Leave our name and phone number with others who will also be coming into your home while you are away.
  7. Have timers on lamps throughout the house that will come on and go off as close to your routine as possible.
  8. Leave an outside & an inside light on for us if our first visit will be after dark.
  9. Be sure you have your pet sitter’s home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address with you.

Please Consider:

  1. If our only access to your home is by using the garage door code and the electricity is off, how will we get in to care for your pets? We really do need a house key.
  2. If you have given us limited access to your pets by only giving us access to the garage or the yard, how will we be able to properly care for your pet in an emergency. How will we know for sure that all things are fine within the home i.e. no break in, water leaks, etc.?


  1. Be sure your pet sit dates have been confirmed with the pet sitter.
  2. Call us when:
  • Your departure day or time has changed.
  • Your arrival day or time has changed.
  • You have arrived home.

If you have an emergency and must leave town immediately please be sure to call and leave a message on our Voice Mail as well as with your pet sitter. Be sure to give us a number where we can reach you to confirm that we have received the message and that your pets will be taken care of.

*NOTE: If your pet has been diagnosed with a contagious illness/infection we need to be aware of this. We DO NOT want to carry any contagious diseases to other client’s pets or to our own. We WILL contact your veterinarian for specifics.

PLEASE be responsible pet owners and notify us immediately if you have a pet sit coming up and one of your pets is ill. Thank you for your assistance, our clients and their pets appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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